Corridor solution - Lighting control via dali



Control the lights via Broadcast

The lights in corridors are often set to go on in the morning and being lit as long as there are people in the premises. Corridor luminairs are well suited to be controlled via broadcast. Also the deployment is fast and simple since you don't need to address the luminaires.

Features that can be used for corridor lighting:
  • Time channel
  • Presence control
  • Possibility of manual override via switch
  • Control via access system



Luminaires and presence sensor (DCS )is connected via DALI bus to the lighting control unit SBD. The luminaires don't need to be addressed in case of broadcast which means that all luminaires will go to the same setting. The presence sensor is addressed in the SBD via a wireless or wired user panel. The wireless switch (ESW) is paired with SBD in the same way.

Lighting control

The corridor lights are lit either when the presence sensor at the entrance door is activated or when the alarm is deactivated by the passage system. The corridor lights are kept on as long as presence is detected in any of the rooms on the floor and switches off by the passage system when alarms are activated at the end of the day. The lighting can also be controlled via a time channel.

Readings and settings

Readings of actual values ​​and change of setpoints and settings are done via the parent system or via a wireless or wired user panel.


SBD Lighting Controller - DALI, with Enocean transceiver.
ESW Switch Enocean.
DCS Presence and Light Sensor, DALI.

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